Here is a list of the species that I work with: Elaphe davidi, A. b. chapensis, Rhynchophis boulengeri, Gonyosoma prasinum (Vietnam & China local), Euprepiophis mandarinus (Axanthic, High Yellow, Striped, High Red), Euprepiophis conspicillatus (Japonica, Hokkaido, Gifu, Niigata & Honshu localities), Oreocryptophis p. pulcher, Oreocryptophis p. laticincta, Oreocryptophis p. vaillanti, Oreocryptophis p. coxi, Orthriophis moellendorffi, Ptyas mucosus, Candoia aspera, Heterodox nasicus, Elaphe obsolete lindheimeri, Elaphe obsoleta rossalleni, Elaphe dione (T+ Albino), Bogertrophis rosaliae, P.o.obsoletus (Calico & Albino), Philodryas baroni

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Choosing a new pet can be scary we know! Relax. Sarpamitra (as it's name implies: friend of the snake) has the experience, education and choices to bring your dreams to reality. 

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Please check out our collection for more information about what species we are currently reproducing and some of our future projects!

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As a young child I always had a love for both science and animals, and my mother and grandmother nurtured this passion. Residing in a suburb of Chicago, IL I had the ability to spend a great deal of time at the Brookfield Zoo and The Field Museum of Natural History.

"I also just completed a deal with Matthew Most (Doctorluck247) today and it was perfect. The snake I received was in great health, communication and shipping were great. Thanks Matt."


Greg J.,

Owner of Triangle Reptiles

-Purchased a 100% Het Albino Female Western Hognose

"Well, since no one had anything bad to say, I went ahead and bought two snakes from Matthew Most. They shipped yesterday and arrived this morning. I give this seller an A+, great communication, snakes were well packaged and look very nice and seem to be quite healthy. 
Thank you Matthew!"
~ Amanda Wells


Amanda W.,

-Purchased a pair of 100% Het Albino Capensis House Snakes